Fragments (Bluefoot Press) Hardback December 2019

Fragments is my new collection of poetry, quotes and photographs, which will be published by a new independent press, Bluefoot Press, on 5 December in Alan Hanna’s bookshop in Rathmines from 6pm.

Fragments is now on sale in Alan Hanna’s bookshop in Rathmines and online at

Praise for Fragments from Eileen Casey:  “Orla Grant-Donoghue’s visionary gift extends far beyond surface and depth perception. Finely sifted particles of light and shade explore the landscape of love and loss through nature’s ever changing prism. Emotional texture draws from details fragile yet illuminating (‘constellations of shells’), resilient yet yielding (‘life’s jagged timeline’). Shape opens portals of memory in mysterious ways. From feather, sky, forest and shore, sensual imagery reveal the poet’s lyrical sensibilities. Whether present or transient time, mood symphonies orchestrate heartbreak layered with hope. One of the truly great achievements of Fragments is to take the optical arena and weave from the source of light itself, mystical and uplifting possibilities.”

The evening will include jazz music by very special guests Ciaran Wilde and Eamonn Moran and performances from Fragments by actor, David Grant.

There are 10 places remaining and to reserve a place, please email me


The Frayed Heart (Fiery Arrow Press) Paperback December 2018 SOLD OUT

The Frayed Heart by Orla Grant-Donoghue, designed by Eoin Flynn, edited by Eileen Casey and published by Fiery Arrow Press, was on sale at Alan Hanna’s bookshop in Rathmines. Sincere thanks to Alan Hanna’s bookshop for stocking The Frayed Heart.

Praise for The Frayed Heart from Theo Dorgan. “To track the robust vicissitudes of love and loss in a form delicate as the haiku is to court considerable risk. That these poems win convincingly through to hope is a testament as much to the craft skills of the poet as to her fine sensibility and her faith in the resilience of the heart.”

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