Salvador Dali’s Down the Rabbit Hole

Salvador Dali’s Down the Rabbit Hole is a poem inspired by a Salvador Dali painting. It is included in an anthology entitled Voices: 27 Poets from around the world, published in October 2019.

The recording was produced at Porchlight Studios by Niall Woods.

Salvador Dali’s Down the Rabbit Hole
© Orla Grant-Donoghue 2018

Act 1: Faint Hues
Blue tint of falling tears
soak the canvas in muddy blue.

Burnt orange of earth
mixes with white,
Unsure of what to become.

Like shadows made by an unseen hand,
Faint pencil lines reveal form
where all is in the eye of beholders.

Act 2: The Curtain Draws

Earth flies past,
A rabbit leaps,
a little girl falls
and down
to a place where there’s no light.

Her breath slows,
She casts her dreams into the wide open,
blinks and stares,
waiting to be lit by magic.

Act 3: A New World
Nothing makes sense in
this dream-like world
Where rabbits talk and
mushrooms beckon.

The little girl skips along,
Her breath slows,
Her heartbeat quickens.
She grows,
She shrinks.